One week intensive courses
These courses offer five solid days of supervised practice in all the basic pottery skills – throwing , turning, handling, glazing and decorating.
The standard procedure at Hookshouse is raw glazing and once firing, i.e. no biscuit firing, so you will be able to continue working on your pieces right through to the end of the week, and will be allocated space for a small body of work in the next suitable firing here.
A lot of experience in the diagnosis of throwing problems has accumulated here over the years, and a wide ranging set of remedies has been developed. Proactive tuition in throwing technique, and in the related skills of turning, handling, glazing and decorating will be very much part of the course. Students usually discover that there is a way to move on to another level of throwing skill after all, and have a lot of fun in the process!
Course Dates
Course days for 2020 will be published soon.
To discuss whether this is the right course for you, or to reserve a place, please ring Chris White on 01666 880297 or email
Other short courses
Half day throwing skills sessions take place fortnightly on Wednesdays. These are built around focussed work on a particular shape or throwing technique. Alternatively you may request help with a problem of your own. Dates available on request.
DVD, ‘Rings of Clay’
There is now a DVD, ‘Rings of Clay’, filmed in the workshop at Hookshouse, which covers most of the basic principles and techniques of throwing. This is not just a demonstration by the master potter, it faces up to the real difficulties which real students encounter, and offers diagnosis and cure. Very useful to give a taste of what the teaching approach is at Hookshouse, or to act as a reminder of things you have already been taught here or elsewhere.
The cost is £10, and you can order a copy by phone or email.