Mixed exhibitions are held at Hookshouse in Spring and Autumn.
They usually include the work of three or four painters, printmakers or photographers, and four or five craft makers, who may be working in leather, wood, metal, glass, textiles or clay. Each exhibition includes two or three 'new' exhibitors, and has a different 'feel' from the one before.
Autumn Exhibition – ‘Making Good’
Friday November 2nd to Sunday November 11th
After our ‘sabbatical’ last year we are delighted to be able to offer you an autumn collection again this year. And as usual we have a rich combination of returners and first timers.
The wall space will be welcoming newcomers Richard Webb with his original and very striking papercuts, and Lorna Rankin with beautiful semi abstract landscapes and townscapes. Rosie Mack, a regular by now, will be showing examples of her own unique approach to the structures and forms of landscape, and we are very pleased to have another chance to admire Kathy Neilson’s superb paintings.
Three of our makers are exciting newcomers to Hookshouse. The sparkle of Karen Lilley’s glass is enhanced by the flow of her designs, and the irresistible appeal of Sally Davis’ enamelled jewellery will add further brightness to our autumn days. Textiles are represented by Kathryn Clarke, whose gorgeous garments and accessories introduce yet more vibrant colours into the show. Most of you will be familiar with Tessa Tyldesley’s jewellery, and her unique way of combining the shapes and colours of the semi-precious stones she uses – if you haven’t seen her work before, there’s a treat in store! And we have even managed to tempt that blacksmith with the international reputation, Hector Cole, to take a break from arrowheads and bring us a selection of more domestic pieces. And there will be the usual plentiful supply of Hookshouse pots – some even designed specially to brighten the winter days!
We look forward to seeing you!
P.S. For those of you who are Pantaloons addicts, we can announce that they will be presenting ‘Sense and Sensibility’ at Hookshouse on Saturday 22nd June 2019!
Mailing List
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Please can you let us know what you would like us to do, by email, phone or post, or by telling us when you visit this next exhibition.
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