Mixed exhibitions are held at Hookshouse in May and October.
They usually include the work of three or four painters, printmakers or photographers, and four or five craft makers, who may be working in leather, wood, metal, glass, textiles or clay. Each exhibition includes two or three 'new' exhibitors, and has a different 'feel' from the one before.
Summer Exhibition and Open Garden Ė Saturday May 27th to Sunday June 4th
Open again for the NGS, with sculptures in the garden, teas and garden games as well as the indoor exhibition. More details later.
There will also be an outdoor performance of ĎA Midsummer Nightís dreamí by the Pantaloons on Saturday 1st July.
Mailing List
As from the next exhibition, we plan to send hard copy mailings only to those who specifically request them. We have made this decision partly because of the sudden jump in the cost of 2nd class stamps, and partly because we find that more and more people are comfortable with email. It does of course also save paper, which makes us feel a little bit virtuous!
Please can you let us know what you would like us to do, by email, phone or post, or by telling us when you visit this next exhibition.
1. Continue sending by post
2. Send invitation by email
3. Stop
If we donít hear from you, we will assume you would like us to stop bothering you!