The Pots
Three main types of pottery are made at Hookshouse, all fired to full stoneware temperature.
Domestic ware - from breadcrocks to individual bowls and mugs, including teapots, casseroles and vegetable dishes, cheese bells, olive dishes, cutlery drainers and garlic pots. Much of this work is woodfired, and all of it is suitable for use in oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer.
Garden pots - including wall pots and strawberry pots, in a range of sizes, fired to full stoneware temperature and therefore totally frostproof.
One-off pieces - mainly decorated dishes, jugs and bowls, many of them influenced by the strong geometrical patterns of early pottery traditions. Freeflowing multiple layers of glaze are then often allowed to interact with and disturb the precision of the patterns.
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